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Using Biometric Login/ Passkey (FaceID/ TouchID)
Using Biometric Login/ Passkey (FaceID/ TouchID)
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If your devices (mobile or desktop/laptop) have biometrics available, a prompt will appear asking you if they would like to set up a passkey to use this device.

You then have three options:

  1. Yes, continue which will save the device and browser to your profile and remember it for the next login.

  2. Ask me later – this is the snooze option. You will be re-prompted next time you log in.

  3. No thank you – you will not be asked to use this device again, but may be asked if logging in on other devices.

Editing saved devices

Your saved devices are stored in your user profile found at

  • You can rename a device to whatever you want by clicking edit.

  • You can also remove a device by clicking the trash can. This will forget the device and a you would receive a new prompt later to which you can elect “no thank you”

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Logging in next time

The next time you log in on a saved device you will see the screen below. Click confirm and use your passkey (typically fingerprint or face ID) to log in.

Please note: The option to use a password is still always available. The option to click “not your account?” will allow you to put in a new email and password to use.


If you have saved a device and it’s a ‘shared’ church account login (ex. you can do a few things to get rid of it or to allow others to use the account without removing the device.

  1. The other users can login using the password (as they always would before) and keep one device saved OR

  2. You or other users can remove the device that was saved via once logged in.


What if your church uses one computer with many people logging in?

If your church is using a ‘shared’ church computer. One browser, many logins on that same device, then we advise not setting up passkey or removing any saved devices. That is likely the simplest option.

How many devices can you save?

As many devices as you want, but only one Lifeway account per device. So a you couldn’t use a passkey for two different logins on the same device. (i.e. I log in once as Jennifer using fingerprint and again as Susan with fingerprint on the same laptop).

What applications will use this?

Any Lifeway application or site that uses Lifeway account to sign in will have this functionality available. But again only users whose devices have this capability will be prompted.

What if fingerprint or facial recognition is available, but not set up on my device?

If you have a compatible device that uses biometric login, but you have not set up a fingerprint or facial recognition, please use the following online resources to help you set up your device.

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