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7 Ways Ministry Grid Simplifies Your Church’s Experience with Curriculum
7 Ways Ministry Grid Simplifies Your Church’s Experience with Curriculum
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Digital curriculum on Ministry Grid has greatly enhanced the user experience by simplifying many previously difficult or time-consuming tasks on the MyCurriculum Manager platform.

Below are seven highlights we would like to share:

  1. Quickly find your current session. No longer do you need to hunt for the right volume, unit, and session to find your current curriculum. On Ministry Grid, your current session is easily found and sorted by date, both on your personal dashboard page and on the curriculum tab. When your leaders and teachers log in, they will immediately see the current week’s session.

  2. Easily share curriculum with others. Ministry Grid makes it easy to distribute curriculum to your leaders and families. All you need to do is share an Easy Link or invite them via Email to access their teaching materials or family resources. You can even share Easy Links in your normal church communication, such as weekly newsletters, Facebook pages, text messages, and any other communication channel. Learn more about sharing curriculum here.

  3. Everything you need in one place. Each session includes all the resources you need for that week as well as a zip folder with all Unit materials. You can easily share these resources with your leaders and teachers in just one click.

  4. View past and upcoming sessions of curriculum. On your personal dashboard and within the Admin view of Curriculum, you can access 8 weeks of upcoming sessions and 4 previous weeks of sessions. This means you will always have a rolling 13-week window of content. New sessions are added and older sessions are removed automatically for all users.

  5. Reschedule with ease. When schedules change, inclement weather forces you to miss a week, or you simply want to skip ahead, you can easily reschedule your current session. On the curriculum tab, all you need to do is select the week and click the “reschedule” button to change the date or skip that week. Learn more about how to reschedule your Curriculum here.

  6. Leader Training Included. With each session, you will find specific training for your leaders and teachers from the creators of your curriculum. This is a great opportunity to hear directly from those most familiar with the content on how they envisioned the experience for those in groups and classrooms.

  7. Access on any device. With Ministry Grid, digital curriculum can be accessed on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. This means you and your leaders can prepare wherever you are.

P.S. You can get access to 3,000 Volunteer Training Videos on Ministry Grid for $597/year. In addition to your digital curriculum, you can build, customize, and curate volunteer training on Ministry Grid. You can use our 700+ training courses and upload your own resources. Click here to learn more.

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