Ministry Grid makes it easy to distribute curriculum to your parents or leaders. All you need to do is find the appropriate Collection that is needed, and either share the Easy Link or invite them via Email to that Collection.

An Easy Link allows you to quickly share a unique link that will automatically add someone to a specific Collection of Curriculum. You can take this Easy Link and share it in your normal church communication such as weekly newsletters, Facebook pages, text messages, and any other communication channel.

Share via Email

This option allows you to add your people to a Collection of Curriculum by sending them an email from Ministry Grid. This process is most useful once your people are already added into Ministry Grid.

You can select as many people as you would like to be added to the Collection. Once you Send the Email, the Collection will automatically be added to their Dashboard, and the user will receive an email notifying them that the Collection has been added.

Once added to a Collection, those individuals will automatically see all the sessions they have access to on their Dashboard. That’s it!

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