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What's the difference between my organization in Ministry Grid & at
What's the difference between my organization in Ministry Grid & at
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In order to take advantage of all of the core features of Ministry Grid (adding users from your church, assigning training, building training, etc) a Ministry Grid organization has to be created/established. Don't worry, we walk you through that process as you subscribe to Ministry Grid and get set up for the first time. In Ministry Grid, you should see the name of your organization directly under the top menu bar. If you don't, feel free to chat with our team and we'll be glad to get things sorted out.

Additionally, you can choose to pay for your subscription with your Lifeway Billing Account (in addition to the credit card option). This Lifeway Billing Account is a part of separate organizational management tools that are found on This site is the single hub for ALL of your organizational (or individual) purchases with Lifeway. Visit this page for a FAQ on your Lifeway Billing Account/Org Management.

So from your organization on, you can manage all of your billing and activity across Lifeway. The Ministry Grid organization (for now) is a separate organization that is used to only manage all of the features/functionality that Ministry Grid has to offer. For now, these two "organizations" are to be treated separately.

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