Adding an individual to a group
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Groups are found by selecting the People tab from the top menu and choosing the Groups. There are THREE ways to add someone to a group (manually or through different Easy Links).

1. Manually add members

Choose the group (or use the Add Group button to add a new group).

Use the trash can to delete the group altogether.

Use the green Add Members button on the right-hand side to manually add new members to this group. You can use the trash can on each member profile to remove a member from the group.

Choosing a member will take you to their profile page where you can see any of their assigned training.

2.  Group Easy Links
For each new group you create - we create an Easy Link for that group. So you can send that group easy link to whoever should be in the group - and when users register their account, they will AUTOMATICALLY be placed in that group. Less work for you!

3. Advanced Easy Links

Just like the Group Easy Links - you can take those links one step further. By creating an advanced Easy Link - in addition to automatically being added to a group, you can automatically set roles & assigned training on that Easy Link so that your users have exactly what they need when they join your organization/church. 

To build an Advanced Easy Link, start by selecting Organization > Advanced Invites.

Here is a full support article that walks you through setting up an advanced Easy Link!

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