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How to add people into your Ministry Grid training organization
How to add people into your Ministry Grid training organization
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To add people to your church or organization 1) Select People from the top menu bar then 2) Select the Add People button.

Note: You must have the appropriate admin access to see the People menu. If you do not see People you are either a) not in the correct organization OR b) haven't been given the proper permissions. Contact your admin in your church/organization to receive the proper role/access.

You have several options to quickly add people to your church or organization.

1) Name & Email: Quick add names and email addresses. Use the grey + Add Another Person to add more people before selecting the green Add button. You can (optionally) add a custom message to the email invitation as well. Selecting the green Add button automatically sends emails to each person in your list.

2) Bulk Import: Copy as many email addresses into the field as you'd like (using commas) to instantly send invitations that contain instructions for how to log in and get started.

3) Easy Link: Copy and paste an Easy Link into your own email message, website, or social media post. When a person goes to that link, it prompts them to log in and join your church or organization.

4) Advanced Invites: If you'd like to add a LARGE group of people (or multiple large groups - and ensure you are organizing people into groups and/or providing initial training for them, then Advanced Invites are for you. Build an email invitation or create an Easy Link that does way more than just add them to your Ministry Grid organization.

FYI: Advanced Invites are labeled 'advanced' because these are THE way to onboard large groups of people at one time AND give them the appropriate training they need to get started. You would not want to bulk add 200 people (by email address only) and then find those 200 people in your organization to assign training to and add to a group. Use an Advanced Invitation to generate a unique URL (Easy Link) to send to those 200 people and Ministry Grid will take care of the rest!

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