Assigning a training course or pathway
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Depending on how you choose to use Ministry Grid, there are three unique ways to assign training to individuals and/or groups.

  1. Direct Assignment - The most popular and frequently used method is a direct assignment to one or more people. When you search the Ministry Grid catalog or build/customize your own courses, you'll find 2 options for assigning - either by Easy Link OR email. Easy Links allow you to grab one URL to share via text message, paste it on a website, put it in your own custom email, etc. The Assign by Email allows you to send a direct assignment via email that comes directly from Ministry Grid.

2. From an individual profile - Select People from the top menu. When you select an individual's profile you will have an option to Assign Training.

3. With Advanced Invitations (Advanced Easy Links) - Advanced Invitations include generating Easy Links that takes a lot of admin work out of the equation. These are called advanced because as an admin, you can create invitations that automatically place people in groups and automatically assign them training. The optional settings for each invitation acts sort of like a recipe card. You build your recipe based on who you are wanting to add to your organization. For more information on Easy Links, visit this article.

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