Membership Codes are used to onboard people to your organization (through you providing a link/URL to your people). Membership codes will automatically place people in groups, assign roles, and assign training during their on-boarding process! 

There are two types of Advanced Invites: Email Invitations and Membership Codes.

Membership Codes are distinct from Emails because a Membership Code generates a unique URL that you (as an admin) can share with your teams through your own email, website, social media post, etc. Email invitations are sent from Ministry Grid; Membership Codes are unique URLs sent out by you, the admin.

If you are onboarding many people at one time and do not want to enter multiple emails, choose Membership Codes!

Once you choose [Select Membership Code] you'll set up your Membership Code based on who you are inviting/onboarding to your organization:

1. Give your Membership Code invitation a name. This name is used for admin purposes only for identifying the invitation later.

2. How many people would you like to redeem this Membership Code? By default its set to unlimited.

3. How long would you like this Membership Code to be active and useable? By default its set to "No Expiration".

4. Roles (Optional) - if you'd like to give your users (who accept the invite) a role in your organization, do so here. This is a great place to give people Admin access if that is applicable for this invitation. If the people this invitation is intended for are not admins, simply leave this blank.

5. Groups (Optional) - add a group (or two) to this invitation so that these users who accept this invitation will automatically be added to that group, so the organization is already done for you!

6. Attach Training (Optional) - search for any training and attach to this invitation. When users accept this invitation and log in, they will automatically be assigned that training! Just like that, they already have something to do when they log in for the first time.

7. Seats - If you have an unlimited subscription - simply leave this blank. 

8. Select [Generate Membership Code].

A unique membership code is created, along with the Easy Link for the Membership Code. Copy and paste that unique URL and send to the right people. In this example, you would send that link to anyone serving as a Kids Ministry Greeter.

Those greeters would receive this link from you, click it, and be prompted to register an account OR login with an existing account if they have one. Once logged in, the user will have their assigned training and automatically be added to the group you've selected for this code (in the initial setup above). That's it!

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