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Printing and Formatting Hyfi Session Leader Guides
Printing and Formatting Hyfi Session Leader Guides
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To print a Hyfi session leader guide, click the gray Print Leader Guide button at the top of the guide.

From there you will see a print settings page pop-up, which will allow you to format the page to your preferred printing methods. This article will show you how you can change the scale (or size) of the page, as well as how to put multiple pages on one sheet.

Note: The images may look different from the images below based on your web browser, but the functionalities should remain the same. These images come from Google Chrome.


To fit more content on one particular page, simply find Scale on your print settings. From there you can select Customize and manually decrease the size to fit more on one page.

Multiple Pages on a Single Page

To create a booklet-like printout, find Pages Per Sheet and select 2. Doing that along with scaling down will create an easy-to-read and follow guide for your volunteers while using less paper.

You also can choose to print one or two-sided depending on your printer's capabilities.

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