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Creating Multiple Hyfi Leader Guides
Creating Multiple Hyfi Leader Guides
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Hyfi gives you the ability to create multiple leader guides that allows you to make uniquely configured guides for different age groups, service times, and/or campuses.

Please follow the steps below to create multiple guides:

Step 1: Navigate to the Curriculum tab and select the Hyfi Age group where you'd like to create multiple leader guides.

Step 2: Select the Schedule tab.

Step 3: Select the session you'd like to update with multiple guides

Step 4: Click the Add Leader Guide button.

Step 5: Enter a Name for the guide.

This can be anything you want, including any combination of a class name, age group, service time, or campus. Your volunteers will see this name when selecting which guide to view, so make sure its something they will know to pick.

Step 6: Configure that specific leader guide.

Step 7: As you finished the configuration you can view/test this specific leader guide as a volunteer. Note that you will see the name listed at the top of the guide.

Step 8: To make an additional leader guide, you will need to navigate back to the schedule tab and click on the same week. Here you will see the first guide that you already configured.

There are now two options for you to choose from in creating a new guide:

1) Selecting Add Leader Guide will give you a new guide with no changes from the original preset design.

2) You can select the Copy icon from any of the listed guides that you've already configured. Doing this will start you with the exact same copy of what was previously edited.

Step 9: Complete steps 5-7 to configure the new guide. This guide will now also show up for you to copy, edit, or delete as needed.

From here, continue to make as many different guides as is helpful for your church!

Click here to see what the volunteer experience is with multiple guides.

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