Granting access to your curriculum
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There are two ways that an Admin is able to grant access to your subscribed curriculum: Via Easy Link or Via Email. See below for a step-by-step explanation on how to grant access.

1) Select the Curriculum tab in the top menu and find the brand and age that you'd like to grant access to.

2) Under the People tab, select the collection you wish to grant access to.

3) Choose between granting access via an Easy Link or by Email

4a) Via Easy Link, simply select Copy Easy Link and paste the URL in an email, text message, private Facebook group, or anywhere else you prefer. Once users accept the easy link, the collection of curriculum will be found on their personal dashboard until you remove access.

4b) Via Email, select the names of anyone currently in your Ministry Grid organization, or type in additional email addresses in the space highlighted below. Once you have everyone you wish to add, click Send Emails. Those individuals will then receive an email inviting them to access the collection of curriculum. When they click to accept, they will then have access to it in their personal dashboard until you remove access.

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