If you have a subscription to the Gospel Project Preschool curriculum, starting on September 5, 2021, we will have two new collections of curriculum - Younger Preschool and Older Preschool. The Younger Preschool group is designed for children aged 3-younger 4. The Older Preschool group is designed for older 4-year-olds to Kindergarten

As a result of the new Younger Preschool and Older Preschool collections, the current Preschool collection will no longer be updated with new content after August 29, 2021. Please view the steps below on how to move your current preschool volunteers into their appropriate new collection.

1) Select the Curriculum tab and then the Gospel Project Preschool age group.

2) Next you will notice that the overall Preschool collection will end on August 29 and the Younger and Older Preschool collections will begin on September 5. Select either the Younger or Older collection to add in volunteers.

3) Select the Email button to notify current volunteers of their access into this new collection, or share the Easy Link URL.

4) Click on the Filter People By button and search for The Gospel Project Preschool for a list of all the current volunteers that you have previously given access.

5) Select those individuals that you would like to give access to the new collection and click Send Emails. This will automatically send an email notifying them of their new access and will add each individual to the list for this collection. Below is the email they will receive from Ministry Grid.

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