Resetting Your Schedule To A Previous Volume of The Gospel Project Curriculum
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This article will walk you through the process of resetting your schedule to one of our previous volumes of The Gospel Project curriculum.

1) When logged into Ministry Grid, click the Curriculum button in the menu bar. (Note: If you don't see this button, you currently do not have administrative access and will need to talk to your church admin for access.)

2) Select the age group you'd like to reset.

3) Click the Schedule tab.

4) Select Reset Schedule

5) Next, you can pick from the scrolling menu the previous volume and session that you'd like to reset to.

6) Pick the date you'd like to begin and click Set Curriculum Schedule.

(PLEASE NOTE: Your curriculum schedule window will be set to the selected volume and session on the new schedule start date. This also means that the curriculum schedule window will show previous and upcoming sessions based on your selected volume and session.)

Helpful Tip: Don't change the volume until after you've finished with a different volume so that your volunteers have access to that week's current curriculum.

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