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2.11.21 Product Update - Course Overview Page, Pathways, and Additional Admin Features
2.11.21 Product Update - Course Overview Page, Pathways, and Additional Admin Features

This article walks through the the latest updates on Ministry Grid including updated course overview page, pathways, and admin features.

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Over the past year, we have seen churches using Ministry Grid beyond training, further utilizing it for discipleship and spiritual development in their church. With the ability to use our 850+ pre-built training courses and the ability to customize your own, the possibilities are truly endless.

We have seen churches adding their own content to complement Ministry Grid training and turn their new members classes, growth track, theological training, and other in-person classes into digital courses using the Ministry Grid platform.

As we have seen churches using the platform in these innovative ways, our team has added a few new features to make it even easier to disciple, equip, and train your people.

Here are just a few things we wanted to highlight:

Updated Course Overview Page

To help you find and assign courses more efficiently, we have updated the display of the Course Overview Page. Now you can quickly preview the course, assign the course via Easy Link or Email, or customize the course all from the Course Overview Page.

Workflows Have Become Pathways

On Ministry Grid, you can create a scope and sequence of courses for people to complete. This feature, formerly called a workflow, is now called a Pathway. This change clarifies how churches and organizations can utilize this feature.

More Admin Functionality

Ministry Grid Admins now have the ability for additional customization of courses. Additional customization features include the ability to turn on/off Discussion, filter customized training by Category, and add poster images.

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