Eight months ago, as churches were forced to cancel Sunday services, leaders like you were forced to pivot and find new solutions for delivering Bible studies to your people. Our team made the pivot with you and made a temporary version of our digital curriculum available to you on the curriculum.lifeway.com platform.

We have great news...digital curriculum now has a permanent home in Ministry Grid and is designed to help churches disciple their people in a digital world.

With this new, exciting update, a few things will change with your digital curriculum experience starting with the Winter 2020-21 quarter (December 6, 2020):

  • Digital Curriculum Subscriptions. You will need to subscribe to Lifeway digital curriculum through Ministry Grid. This is not a one-time purchase, but instead, it will be a monthly subscription that gives you access to the latest digital curriculum for a specific Lifeway Curriculum and Age Level. (If you purchased our special one-time offer for fall 2020 Lifeway Digital Curriculum, that purchase will not auto-renew. You will need to choose the Lifeway Curriculum and Age Level you want to subscribe to here.) Here is a support article that will walk you through how to purchase digital curriculum on Ministry Grid.

  • Curriculum Collections. One of the biggest paradigm shifts from curriculum.lifeway.com to ministrygrid.lifeway.com is that you will no longer need to share each week’s curriculum Sessions with your teachers and leaders. Instead, you will assign them a Collection, and they will automatically see 13 weeks worth of curriculum. If you want to learn more about how Collections work, you can check out this support article.

  • Scheduling Tool. With our new Schedule tool, churches can reschedule a session or unschedule any session. As an Admin, you will see all of the available sessions for your curriculum along with the suggested date of use from Lifeway, and within that view, you can elect to reschedule any available session. If you want to learn more about this feature, you can check out this support article.

  • Updated Look and Feel. As we have moved digital curriculum from curricuulm.lifeway.com to ministrygrid.lifeway.com, we have updated the look and feel of how you will manage your digital curriculum as well as how your teachers and leaders will view weekly Sessions.

  • New Home at ministrygrid.lifeway.com. Curriculum.lifeway.com will be going away. Starting with Winter 2020-21 curriculum, you will access digital curriculum through ministrygrid.lifeway.com. Don't worry though! All of your Organization's information will transfer over to the new home.

To learn more about this brand-new way to experience Lifeway’s curriculum, click the button below.

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