Yes, our new scheduling tool allows you to either reschedule a session or you can unschedule any session!

As an admin, you can elect to reschedule any available session.

Note: With your active monthly subscription, your church has rolling access to 8 weeks of upcoming sessions and you have access to the previous 4 weeks of sessions. This means you will always have a rolling 13-week window of content. New sessions are added automatically (both in this admin view and on the teacher/leader view), and older sessions are removed automatically.

Clicking on any session within the schedule will reveal all of the materials for that session, organized by Collections. This gives you access to download any individual materals you might need, and also allows you to see (at-a-glance) all of the content that has been built into each Collection.

Clicking the Reschedule button will give you an opportunity to change the date of when that session is to be taught. You can also choose to unschedule that session and the date will be removed completely from that session. Those changes also appear automatically for your leaders/teachers/parents that you have shared the curriculum.

Looking for more help with how to use curriculum in Ministry Grid? Check out our additional support articles and FAQs.

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