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Understanding the difference between admins and non-admins
Understanding the difference between admins and non-admins
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With Ministry Grid, what you see when you login is dependent upon whether or not you are an Admin.

As an Admin, you will be able to see all of Lifeway’s Curriculum brands and make key decisions on which brand and age levels you want to subscribe to. Once subscribed, Admins are able to manage and view all of the content and the full schedule available for that curriculum.

As a church, you can subscribe to multiple brands or multiple age levels. Each subscription is an individual transaction.

Individuals who are not admins (your teachers or parents as an example) will only see the curriculum that the admin shares with them.

For example, as an Admin, you can share the Older Kids Collection of Gospel Project for Kids and your Older Kids teachers will only see the Older Kids content for each weekly session.

Admin View

Teacher or Leader View (non-Admin)

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