If you (as an admin) need to download or access a specific file quickly within a given session, you can do this from the Schedule tab inside of your Curriculum. Click on Schedule > choose a Session > and you'll be shown a list of all of the materials for that session organized by Collection. This gives you that at-a-glance view of the entire session (across Collections), but also allows you (as an admin) to download any material you need.

As an admin, you have specific tools within Ministry Grid to manage your curriculum. Not everyone in your church needs this level of access, and therefore, there are many pieces of functionality that you will have that others will not have.

The secret sauce is found within the Collections of your curriculum. So for example, if you subscribe to the Gospel Project for Kids, you will have many Collections to add your leaders into. For example, Older Kids. This Collection will contain all of the necessary materials needed to teach Older Kids for Gospel Project for Kids. For many of your leaders/teachers, they only need to be added to a specific Collection, but if need to add people to multiple Collections, you are welcome to do that!

As an admin, when you select your curriculum brand and age level from the main curriculum picker, you'll see a PEOPLE tab and a SCHEDULE tab under the banner image.

If you're looking to add people to Collections, select one from this page (above) and added people either via an Easy Link OR you can add people via an email invitation.

When your leaders/teachers use the Easy Link(s) or accept the email invitation, they will not see what you see in Ministry Grid. Instead, they will be taken immediately to their own dashboard (see below) where they will see a carousel of sessions they now have access to (that is dependent upon the Curriculum and Collection you add them to). Those users can select any session to see all of the materials they need to prepare and teach!

As an admin, if you really want to see what a teacher is seeing, you can add yourself to any Collection you'd like. Navigate to the Collection want to be added to, grab the Easy Link (from the green button on the right-hand side), and enter that URL in your browser URL bar. You'll immediately be added to that Collection and you'll see your curriculum on your own Dashboard. You can then use the "Remove" button in the list of people for that Collection if you want to be taken out of that Collection, and the curriculum will be removed from your Dashboard.

Looking for more help with how to use curriculum in Ministry Grid? Check out our additional support articles and FAQs.

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