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Below are definitions of commonly used terms for digital curriculum on Ministry Grid:


Sessions of curriculum are the individual weekly lesson that is being taught at your church. Lifeway's curriculum contains 13 weekly sessions (or lessons) each quarter.

With your monthly subscription, your church has ongoing access to a rolling window of sessions. You'll always have access to 8 upcoming sessions of curriculum, and you retain access to the previous 4 weeks of sessions, which are all based on the suggested date of use.


Collections are pre-built bundles of content that have been packaged for a specific teacher/leader/parent. Collections are used differently based on the brand and age level of your curriculum.

For example, if you use Gospel Project for Kids, Collections are used to distinguish additional age-level classifications within Kids - such as Older Kids curriculum from Younger Kids curriculum. If you are using Explore the Bible Adult, Collections are used to distinguish translations - such as between CSB resources and KJV resources.

Personal Dashboard

Your Personal Dashboard is your view of the specific curriculum that you've been granted access to teach. For each collection you've been assigned, there is a rolling 13-week window of sessions available for you to interact with.

Organizational Dashboard

This dashboard is only available for admins to view and is the place where admins can manage people, create groups, manage roles, and much more.

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