Collections are pre-built bundles of content that have been packaged for a specific teacher/leader/parent. Collections are used differently based on the brand and age level of your curriculum.

For example, if you use Gospel Project for Kids, Collections are used to distinguish additional age-level classifications within Kids - such as Older Kids curriculum from Younger Kids curriculum. If you are using Explore the Bible Adult, Collections are used to distinguish translations - such as between CSB resources and KJV resources.

Collections are part of the secret sauce of making curriculum easier for admins to manage. When you share a Collection - those people automatically receive all the content from that Collection for all sessions you have access to! Each individual person has their own unique access to Ministry Grid where they will only see their specific Collection(s) of content for each session.

If you're looking to review the content (as an admin) from each Collection, you have two choices! You can either add yourself (via the Easy Link) to any Collection you'd like OR you can use the Schedule tab to review the content inside of any weekly session this is available to you.

Looking for more help with how to use curriculum in Ministry Grid? Check out our additional support articles and FAQs.

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