Once you have created your church's Organization, and you have become the primary Admin, you can add additional admins into your church that can also find curriculum sessions/customize/and share out with other individuals/families in your church. 

Step 1: As the admin of your church, you will see the PEOPLE button in the top menu navigation bar. Click the PEOPLE button. 

Note: You can also find Manage People in the Organization dashboard.

Step 2: The next screen (below) is a view of everyone in your organization/church.
To add additional people (staff/admins/etc) (that haven't already joined via one of your shared Easy Links) select the green ADD PEOPLE button.

Note: Every time a new person clicks on an Easy Link that you share with your families/leaders, etc they are automatically added to your organization/church the first time they come in!  If you are trying to add someone as an Admin that has already joined your church (maybe you shared an Easy Link of a session with them) - you do not have to follow these first 3 steps. Skip to Step 4 below.

Step 3: While there are 4 options to choose from when adding people, if you are wanting to simply add a couple of admins (staff, etc) that need the capabilities you have, the best way is choosing Option #1 below.

Enter each person's info, and if you have multiple people to add - use the grey "+ Add
Another Person"
button to add as many names/emails as you want.

You can even add a custom, personal message (toggle the Include Personal Message option) to these people so that they know the email they are about to get is from YOU and you can let them know what to expect.

Finally - when you click the green "Add" button - Ministry Grid will immediately send an EMAIL INVITATION to each of those people with instructions to login.

The final step is to give these individuals admin access so when they login, they have everything they need. 

Step 4: Choose the Organization menu button from the top of the page (or the mobile menu on your phone).

 Step 5: Next - choose the Manage Roles button.

Step 6: Now - choose the Admin role.

Step 7: You'll see all the current Admins in your account. Choose the green "+ Add" button.

Step 8: You'll see a list of everyone in your organization, including the people you just sent invitations to! Select them from the list and choose the green "+Add (#)" button! That's it!

That's it! Once you add the admin - when those people login for the first time into your church (from the email invitation you sent) - they will have the same admin access that you have!

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