Curriculum Powered by Ministry Grid is designed for church leaders to deliver weekly curriculum to their families right in their home. These curriculum sessions have been edited to fit an at-home-discipleship model. Your parents and leaders will easily be able to walk through the curriculum you share with them.

As you get started with Curriculum Powered by Ministry Grid, it is important to note that it is designed for a church leader/staff member to create an Organization that they invite their parents, families, and individuals into so they can access curriculum. 

This platform is not designed for individuals to sign up on their own. This will create confusion. It is designed for churches to distribute curriculum, Bible studies, and other discipleship material to their people.

Because of this, a pastor, church staff member, and ministry leader will use Curriculum Powered by Ministry Grid in a different way than a parent, family, or individual uses it. 

How a Pastor, Church Staff Member, or Ministry Leader should use Curriculum

The first thing you need to do is create your church's organization. If you have not done so, you can take a look at this support article.

Once you have created your church's Organization, you will want to add others as Admins. 

The Admin role gives someone full access to manage the Organization, customize curriculum, share curriculum, and much more 

As an Admin, you will use Curriculum to find the Sessions you want to share with your people. This can include customizing the Sessions with your own content. You may want to share your own content, add a video update, suggest worship songs, and much more. If you have questions about how to customize Curriculum, you can check out this support article.

Once you have found and customized the curriculum to fit your church's context, you will want to share it with your people. Here is a support article that will walk you through how to do that.

After you assign Sessions to your people, you can monitor and track their activity on the Manage Assignments page on your Organizational Dashboard.

How a parent, family, or individual should use Curriculum

The experience for the individuals in a church will be much more simplified than that of an Admin.

Remember that Curriculum Powered by Ministry Grid is designed for church leaders to send Sessions of curriculum to their parents and other individuals in their church. That means parents, families, and individuals should only be sent to when you are sharing curriculum with them. If you simply send them to without adding them to your church's Organization, they will not see curriculum and most likely be confused.

So parents and individuals will use this platform to log in and find the Sessions that you have shared with them. All they will see is the Sessions in their Personal Dashboard. This is designed to quickly get them to the content you want them to access.

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