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As churches across the U.S. and around the world cancel worship services and gatherings due to COVID-19, we do not have to cancel discipleship in our families, groups, and communities.

Because of this, LifeWay is offering our The Gospel Project, Bible Studies for Life, and Explore the Bible curriculum to churches, groups, and families for FREE during this uncertain season.

This digital curriculum will help you maintain discipleship during social distancing because it is easy to:

  • Share with your families
  • Accessible on any device
  • Customize it for your church
  • Use with discipleship groups via video chat

So as you hop in, I want to quickly walk you through how to get started.

The first thing you already did when you arrived into Curriculum was create your church’s Organization. This Organization is your church’s unique environment within the platform.

Please note that only one Organization should be created for each church. If multiple Organizations are created, it will create confusion.

The next thing you will want to do is choose the Curriculum you want to share with your church. This can be done on the Search Curriculum page. Here you will see LifeWay’s trusted Curriculum brands. Choose the one that best fits your church and ministry age level.

When you select the Brand and Age Level, you will be taken to a screen that lets you choose a specific Session. New sessions will be released each week, so be sure to check back for the next week’s sessions.

Once you choose a Session, you can preview each step in the session to look at the pieces of content before you get ready to share it. Please note - when you share this session - the parent or individual accessing the session will immediately open it up in a new experience that makes navigating the content very simple. 

On each step you are previewing - you’ll find a link back to the Session Overview.

If you like the session as it is, you have two options to share this session with others. 

You can Share via Easy Link OR Share via Email.

Sharing via Easy Link

This option allows you to quickly share a unique link that will automatically add an individual into your church's organization and assign them this specific Session of Curriculum. You can take this Easy Link and share it in your normal church communication such as weekly newsletters, Facebook pages, text messages, and any other communication channel.

You can use Easy Links to share as many Sessions as you need from week to week. Easy Links are not just for onboarding but also for sharing Sessions at any time. Once someone receives an Easy Link and clicks it - they will login and be taken immediately to their session.

Sharing via Email

This option allows you to send the Curriculum as an email from Ministry Grid. The process of initially onboarding your people is as easy as copying and pasting all the email addresses that need that session into a list. Then you can send everyone an email with a link that will onboard them into your church's Organization and assign them the specific Session you have chosen.

After your people have been onboarded, you can continue to use this option and send them additional sessions. Once your people have been onboarded into Ministry Grid, this is a quick way to share more Sessions. And they will get an email notification when you assign them new Sessions.

If you decide you want to customize the Session that we’ve built for you, you are more than welcome to do so. All of the Curriculum in the Search library is customizable so you can contextualize it for your church.

When you select Customize, you will be prompted to rename the Session. Then you will be taken to the Session Builder. In the Session Builder, you can choose from the various step types to add to your Session.

These include the following:

  • Text. Use a Text step to include a welcome message or instructional prompts to your people. These can be used in a variety of ways.
  • Upload. This step is an opportunity for your people to provide a file or document back to Admins. For example, a PDF can be filled out and uploaded by an individual. Admins can access these uploaded files from Manage Assignments in the Organizational Dashboard.
  • Link. This step allows you to link to other resources on the web. Just drop in the URL of where you want the user to go to complete that step. This is a great way to share other resources with your church.
  • Assessment. You can build short answer, true/false, or multiple choice assessments to include in your Session. Results can be found in Assessment Results in the Organizational Dashboard.
  • Download. This step allows your people to download a file as a part of a Session. This includes PDFs, Word/Excel/Powerpoint documents, Pages/Keynote/Numbers documents, images, and more!
  • YouTube. Embed a YouTube video directly into Ministry Grid! The video will be played back in Ministry Grid, preventing the user from watching in YouTube. This even strips out all advertising from the YouTube video.
  • Video. Upload your own videos in this step to allow your people to stream and watch the video in Ministry Grid. This is a great way for pastors and ministry leaders to share their own videos in their Sessions.
  • Vimeo. Embed a Vimeo video directly into Ministry Grid! The video will be played back in Ministry Grid, preventing the user from watching in Vimeo. Ensure your privacy settings are set correctly before assigning training with a Vimeo video.
  • MyWSB. Embed a WordSearch Bible embedded link into your Session to send users directly to a specific place inside a commentary or other book from your WSB catalog. Please Note: Users must have a myWSB account to utilize.
  • Audio. Upload your own podcast or other audio files for individuals to complete as a part of their curriculum .

Once your Session is customized, you can quickly share it with your church directly from the Session Builder. Just use the buttons found in the toolbox on the right to do so.

Now that you have found your Curriculum and customized it, you are ready to send it to your families, parents, and individuals to be able to access it on any device in their home. 

Once you have assigned the Sessions, you can track where your people are by going to Manage Assignments in the Organizational Dashboard. 

That’s it! You should be ready to go.

If you have any questions, you can reach our support team by using the chat icon in the bottom right of the screen.

You can also use that tool to search our support page. Or you can go to support.ministrygrid.com to get your questions answered.

We pray this digital curriculum serves your church well and allows for ongoing discipleship even when your church is scattered.

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