Here are the steps to create your church and get started with Curriculum Powered by Ministry Grid.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please check with your staff and other team members before proceeding. It's possible someone else might have visited here and already created your church.

  1. Visit our homepage and create an individual account by selecting REGISTER. If you already have a LifeWay Account, you can use that to login and you don't have to register. If you don't remember if you have a LifeWay Account, you can try to login and we will tell you whether an account exists or not.

2. If you're brand new to our tool and platform, you will see this page where you will be prompted to create a church. (See note above before continuing). 

3. After you create your church, you'll immediately be taken to your Organization Dashboard. You will be greeted with a tour and a walk through of some of the basics of our tool!

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