Even when your church is scattered, family discipleship is at your church's fingertips with Ministry Grid.

With this digital curriculum, you can still deliver weekly curriculum to your families right in their home. These curriculum sessions have been edited to fit an at-home-discipleship model. Your parents and leaders will easily be able to walk through the curriculum you share with them.

Note: If you are not sure how to assign Curriculum, check out this support article.

Once you assign an individual Curriculum, they will need to Login or Register with a LifeWay Account. After they log in, they will see the Session that you have assigned them in their Personal Dashboard.

When they click into a Session, they will be immediately begin the first step of the Session. At any time they can navigate to other steps in the Session using the Sidebar. After they complete a step, they will notice a green check mark to signify that step is Complete. This allows them to keep track of where they are and what they've completed in the Session. At any time, Admins can go into Manage Assignments and view the progress of those in their Organization.

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