Note: You must have the Admin role to be able to assign Curriculum sessions.

In order to share/assign Curriculum sessions with your family via email, follow these simple steps:

  1. Start from the Search Curriculum page and select your brand & age level.

2. Next, choose your session you are wanting to share/assign.

3. This is the session preview so you can decide if you're ready to share as is, or if you want to customize the session prior to sharing. If you're ready to share as is, choose the "Share via Email" option.

4. Assigning via email is a 2-step process. This screen will show you EVERYONE that is currently in your church/organization. If you need to add new people, you can drop in a list of email addresses and select "Add To List".

With a combination of new people that you add and selecting existing users from your list, you will see all the names selected in the far right column. Once you have everyone in the Selected column - choose CONTINUE.

5. The final step gives you two options before assigning. You can choose a Due Date (optional) and you can also elect to turn off the email notification that your people would receive for this specific curriculum. By default, Ministry Grid will send an email notification.

Select "Assign Curriculum" to finish the process and send out the emails! That's it!

6. Repeat these 5 steps for any session you want to share via email!

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