In order to assign curriculum, you must be an Admin in your organization. If you are not currently an Admin, a current Admin will need to give you that role. You can learn how to do so in this support page. 

As an Admin, you have access to the Search Curriculum page. This page is where you can choose the lessons/sessions that you want to share with your church.

Once you find the Session you want to share, you have 3 options:

  1. Share via Easy Link
  2. Share via Email
  3. Customize the Curriculum (click here to learn how to customize Curriculum)

Share via Easy Link

This option allows you to quickly share a unique link that will automatically add an individual into your church's organization and assign them this specific Session of Curriculum. You can take this Easy Link and share it in your normal church communication such as weekly newsletters, Facebook pages, text messages, and any other communication channel. 

You can use Easy Links to share as many Sessions as you need from week to week. Easy Links are not just for onboarding but also for sharing Sessions at any time.

Share via Email

This option allows you to send the Curriculum as an email from Ministry Grid. The process of initially onboarding your people is as easy as copying and pasting all the email addresses into a list. Then you can send everyone an email with a link that will onboard them into your church's Organization and assign them the specific Session you have chosen. 

After your people have been onboarded, you can continue to use this option and select who you would like to assign additional Seesions to. Once your people have been onboarded into Ministry Grid, this is a quick way to share more Sessions. And they will get an email notification when you assign them new Sessions.

Customize Curriculum

This option allows you to customize the Curriculum before you send it to your people. You can add your own videos, documents, links, and much more. This support article will walk you through how to customize the Curriculum.

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