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Assigned Training vs Previewing Training
Assigned Training vs Previewing Training

This article helps you understand the difference between previewing training and actually taking assigned training.

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One of the main purposes of Ministry Grid is to provide admins/church leaders the ability to provide appropriate follow-up and accountability on the training that is taking place in your church. For that reason, assigned training in Ministry Grid is fully trackable!

There is one key distinction to this principle. If a user is searching for training in our catalog and view a course in a preview setting, that course will NOT be trackable.

Our training catalog is primarily designed for admins to identify (or preview) training they want to assign. Any training you discover through the Training Catalog and you begin to review will not be tracked. Only training that is assigned to people can be managed and tracked.

To preview the content in a course, click the three dots next to a particular step and select Preview.

In order to ensure this content is being managed and tracked, you have a few options as you discover any course or pathway in our catalog.

Start Course: This makes the course a self-assignment. It will now appear on the "Your Training" page the next time you log in. Note: Self-Assignments DO NOT show as tracked in your organization (in Manage Assignments or your People profile). This option only allows this course to appear on your own "My Training" page.

Assign by Email: Make this course a true assignment to others in your organization. Choosing this option will allow you to choose people/groups in your organization, set optional due dates, and send an email notification about the new assignment. These assignments will appear in Manage Assignments and will show up on individual profile's of people in your organization.

Assign by Easy Link: Sending out the URL generated here will make this course assigned to people when they click the link and log into Ministry Grid.

Customize: You can further customize any course/pathway by choosing this option. You'll give the course a new name. It will be added to your own organization's catalog and you will be taken to the builder to add and remove steps from this course as you'd like to make it your own! From the builder, you'll also see the option to assign the new customized course to people.

Add to Another Course: By selecting this option, you and add this specific step in a course to a different course in your training catalog.

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