If you'd like to take a specific step inside of a Ministry Grid course and add it to your own training, we make that process easy!

Start by using "Search Training" to find a course in our catalog that contains the video or other step you want to use.

We'll use Paul Tripp's course on Discipleship for Volunteers as an example. 

So let's say we want to use the video "Recipient to Participant" inside of an existing custom course I'm working on. So I'll choose that video step. Once I'm previewing that video step, there is an option at the top right of the video to "Add To". Select this option.

You now have the option to add this video step to A) an existing course (if you have any already created) or B) a New Course.

By choosing an Existing Course, you'll be taken to a list of your existing courses. Select the one you want to add this Paul Tripp video to. In this example, I chose "Test course" as the course I want to add this step to.

Once you choose your course and select "Add", you'll be taken immediately back to the video preview of the step you were on. You'll notice a confirmation banner that lets you know the step has been added, and we also provide a link back to the course builder in case you want to continue working on that course. If not, you can continue to preview more content.

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