Over the past 12 months, Ministry Grid has seen rapid adoption among churches of all shapes and sizes. We have helped churches begin to develop strategic pathways for volunteers in the areas where training is needed most, including sexual abuse, volunteer onboarding, and foundational training for leadership development.

One of the more powerful ways to use Ministry Grid is to arrange and sequence a series of courses into a workflow - - to put people on a pathway of training that has been tailored specifically for them.

Until today, workflows have been powerful, but they haven’t always been intuitive. For example, while someone might need to complete 3 different courses in a workflow, our tool never gave your people the visible map they needed to understand their starting point and ending point. Your users had to visit the “My Training” homepage to see if they had new content waiting, and oftentimes, the churches we’ve heard from indicated most people do not even realize new assignments had been sent. As churches discovered this gap, they reached out and requested to make workflows more intuitive and clear. Well - we’ve listened and today we are announcing a major update to how workflows, well, work!

To begin, we want to assure admins that the way you build workflows is not changing. Continue to build workflows like you know today, including adding your own custom courses or courses from our library in a sequence with our drag and drop builder. Also, add email steps along the way to automate communication through the workflow.

The big changes today focus exclusively with how people train using workflows. Grid now shows the entire workflow to your people in one screen/view. Your volunteers and leaders can scan the entire workflow and know exactly how much training has been assigned to them, and they will know when they will complete their training.

While we are now exposing all courses and steps within a workflow, one vital component of workflows will remain the same: you are unable to skip ahead in a workflow. Upcoming courses will remain locked until you complete the previous course. To help clarify things, we’ve even made all the courses you aren’t working on (completed and upcoming), collapsible, so you can focus on the current course at hand.

We’ve also taken additional steps to help clarify workflows immediately when people login. So now, your My Training page has additional details to help users understand when they have an assignment that is a workflow versus a single course. We included an additional tray at the top of an assignment to indicate it is a workflow and what course you are on within that workflow. Finally, we’ve added a handy tray at the bottom of the assignment so you can immediately be taken directly to the step that you need to work on next within that assignment.

We hope these changes will better serve everyone using Ministry Grid, from ministry leaders to ministry volunteers. The mission of Ministry Grid is to serve you, the Church, in your mission of making disciples, and as you develop workflows and pathways for your people, we want to do everything we can to ensure our tool is transparent and allows your people to be fully engaged with the content and instruction that you are providing for them.

We look forward to sharing even more improvements and new features in the coming days as we all work together to make much of Jesus and help build mature disciples in your church.

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