Ministry Grid Feature Update: New (and Easy) Ways to Add People!

1. We’ve completely overhauled how to add and manage people in Ministry Grid! We’ve made it easier to add users and we’ve given admins a few simple options to make that happen.

  • Add name & email. We’ve made this process dead simple. Enter a name and email, and we’ll send a quick invitation to those users.

  • Bulk Emails. Copy/paste a list of emails and Ministry Grid will do the rest!

  • Easy Links. Want to share a quick link to get people in your organization? Our easy links are for you. Share the link and your people are in!

  • Advanced Invites. If you love the ability to create invitations that automatically place your people into groups and/or automatically assigns training upon their first login, then you’ll want to stick with our Advanced Invites. Both Direct Email Invitations and Easy Links are still available for you to use.

2. To make training easier to comprehend, we've updated our training language. In Ministry Grid, users take and complete training courses. Within each course, there are steps to complete. Admins can also arrange and sequence courses together to force users to complete courses in a specific order. These combined units of training are workflows.

3. We've created a new People admin page. This page allows you to see EVERYONE in your organization, even if you just invited them and they haven't logged in yet. Select anyone in your organization to review all of their training as well as assign them new training - even if they haven't logged in yet. More features will be coming soon! This includes giving someone admin access before they log in as well.

4. In addition to the new People page, we've also consolidated & streamlined some of the previous admin top menu options to the Organization Dashboard. All admin features are now found here, including Build Training or Groups (for example), all of these admin permissions are located in the Organization Dashboard (Under Organization). The only additional Admin menu we now feature across the top of the page is People. You can also Manage People from the Organization Dashboard as well.

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