You can always view all of the video lessons for free at

However, if you are taking the next preventative step in helping your leaders and volunteers be trained on providing holistic care in the initial stages of learning about instances of sexual, physical, or emotional abuse, you will want to utilize Ministry Grid. Ministry Grid allows admins to assign training to people or groups of people in your church, ministry, or organization. All of this can be done for free!

Once training is assigned, you can easily track progress and know who has completed the training. For your leaders and volunteers, once the Becoming a Church that Cares Well for Abuse training has been completed, users will automatically receive a certificate of completion that they can turn in to their ministry leader or pastor.

Please note that the curriculum is not intended to be legal counsel or to provide holistic training for counseling or pastoral care on the issue of abuse but is an accessible tutorial on how to respond with pastoral and ethical excellence. The curriculum gives a theological foundation for the topic, brings understanding on the issues connected to abuse disclosure and reporting, and gives practical wisdom by which leaders can navigate complex situations.

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