The Organization tab is the dashboard for your organization. It’s your one-stop shop for being able to quickly manage and review all of the training that will be done by your people on Ministry Grid.

Here is an overview of everything you can do within the Organization Dashboard:

1. Manage People - view all of your people, invite others, and remove people.

2. Search Training - search for training to assign or customize

3. Manage Roles - give your people roles based upon admin permissions

4. Manage Subscription - check out the details of your subscription, as well as upgrade or cancel

5. Manage Assignments - track your people's training progress

6. Assessments Results - view all of your people's assessment results

7. Organization Settings - change your organizations logo and choose to hide search

8. Advanced Invites - invite users onto Ministry Grid with preassigned training, groups, and roles

9. Build Training - customize a Ministry Grid task list or create your own

10. Groups - group your people together based upon ministry area

11. Coach Everyone - coach all the people in your organization

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