If you want to create a workflow, just select the Create button in the Workflow section.

Next, name your workflow.

Get started by selecting the plus button to add a course or an email notification. Email notifications allow you to guide people through a Workflow, giving them a pat on the back when they accomplish milestones in training, or even giving them an Easy Link that they can redeem to assign the next Workflow when they finish this one.

Each course you add will only be revealed when the previous course is completed. This way you don’t overwhelm your people with 20 courses at one time and instead they complete it in bite-sized pieces.

Emails in between training allow for a high touch component to training while the workflow format is a high tech approach.

If you place an email at the beginning of the workflow, that email will be sent as soon as the workflow is assigned. If you place an email after a course, it will be sent as soon as the previous course is completed.

If you select the settings feature in the top left, you can change the name of your workflow and also change the description.

Once you are finished creating your workflow, be sure to publish it to make it searchable and assignable to your people.

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