Note: By default, all admins can coach anyone in your organization. Select Organization from the top menu and then select 'Coach Everyone'. However, if you want to setup specific people to only be able to coach specific users in a group, you'll need to setup coaches with a specific coach permission. Refer to the article below for how to setup coaches.

Coaching allows users to view and track training progress of users within a group in your organization. Use this article for help on how to setup coaches. This must be completed first.

Once coaches have the correct permissions and added to their groups they need to coach, that coach can now select "Coach People" from their Organization Dashboard.

Your coach will then be able to see everyone in the group(s) they are allowed to coach. Again - refer to the setup of coaches article to ensure you give coaches the correct permission and be placed in the right group(s) to allow them to see people.

Once you select "Coach People", a coach can choose to coach multiple people at once. Select the users and select "Coach" at the top right.

Next, you can choose the user you'd like to coach. There are two panes in this view. This allows you to pull up training progress in one pane and then add notes on the second pane. Here is an example:

A coach can drill down to specific progress of training, including viewing assessment results and any uploads that were included in the training assignment. Then the coach can add as many notes as you'd like on that specific individual.

Note: Coaching notes are not shown to the end user. Notes are only available for coaches as internal references.

You can add/delete as many notes as you'd like. Use the toggle menu of names at the top of the page to quickly jump from person to person when coaching. The names listed on this menu is based on your name selection from the previous screen.

If you have any questions about coaching, reach out to us by using the chat feature at the bottom right of Ministry Grid.

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