There are several ways in which you can assign training to your Ministry Grid users. Please note that each individual does need their own personal account to access and use Ministry Grid for training. Visit this article to learn about different ways to initiate assigning training.

Once you know how you want to begin to assign training, here is additional information on the simple two step process:

Step 1) Select People.

This is fairly straightforward. People already in your organization will appear on the list below and you can select any users you'd like. Use the helpful filters to find a specific role or group and then select the "Select All" button that is located under the green CONTINUE button. Also note that you will always be at the top of the list if you'd like to self-assign the training.

Use the "Add Person" widget box at the top to add people that currently are not a part of your organization. These would be new users. Enter their first and last name along with their email and they will automatically be added to your selected list!

FYI: You can even assign training to users that haven't logged into their accounts yet! Notice the grey badge besides a few names below. If they haven't logged in yet, no worries! We keep track of that for you and the first time those users log in (if they have training assigned to them) they will see their assigned training on their homepage!

To continue to Step 2, click the green CONTINUE button.

Step 2 - Options

We currently have two additional options for your training assignment.

a) You can set a due date for this assignment. If you set a due date, Ministry Grid will automatically send an email reminder about that assignment 5 days before it is due (if it is not already completed).


b) You can now elect to send an email reminder immediately about that assignment. Selecting SEND will automatically trigger an email to all users selected from Step 1 when you click on ASSIGN TRAINING.

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