Depending on how you choose to use Ministry Grid, there are three unique ways:

  1. Direct Assignment - The most popular and frequently used method is a direct assignment. When you search the Ministry Grid catalog and find a course or workflow, choose “Assign Training” and then select the people who you want receive it. Make sure you onboard/add your people first before taking this route.

2. From an individual profile - Select People from the top menu. When you select an individual's profile you will have an option to Assign Training.

3. With an Invitation/Membership Code - When you create a direct email invitation or membership code/Easy Link, choose training, and anyone who redeems the invitation or membership code will get assigned the training upon redemption. The optional settings below are sort of like a recipe card. You build your recipe based on who you are wanting to add to you organization. For more information on Membership Codes, visit this article.

4. In a Group - Choose a Group and then “Settings” and add the training you want all the members of the group to receive. (Note: only 1 assignment can be added to a group as a default assignment). When you activate the group, all of its members will receive the training.

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