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Finding training content in Ministry Grid
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Training content in Ministry Grid is delivered as a course.

A course is comprised of various steps to be completed in a certain sequence. All courses can be previewed by searching our library of content.

When you are searching for training and previewing a course, your progress is not being tracked. This is a preview only. Progress is only trackable if a course (or workflow) has been assigned to a specific user(s).

Click on Search Training from your My Training page and search for any subject you'd like.

Admins can choose to hide the search ability for your organization. If you do not see the search option, this is why.

If you'd like to start an entire training course, you can click Start Course at the top of any course. Additionally, as an administrator, you can assign courses to users in your organization by clicking Assign by Easy Link or Assign by Email from any course. [Note: If you are not an admin, you will not see this option.]

If you've been assigned a course from someone or if you've selected Add To Your Training on any course from our library, you'll find those courses on Your Training page which is the first page you come to when you login to Ministry Grid. Select a step to complete, and you’re on your way.

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